Fukushima’s nuclear power disaster in March 2011 has put nuclear power back on the agenda in many nation’s energy debates.

In the United States where there has been a moratorium on building nuclear power stations since 1974, five new ones are planned to join the current 104 by 2020. In the United Kingdom the government in 2010 gave the go ahead for private suppliers to build eight new power stations. And in France 78% of all current energy requirements is sourced from nuclear power. Perhaps one of the most significant new advocate for nuclear power has been James Lovelock, founder of the Gaia Theory who in 2004 appeared to have switched sides when he said nuclear power was the only green solution.

No one should be unaware of how dangerous nuclear power is when seen in the totality of sourcing its nuclear fuel and then later the decommissioning of plants which can involve timescales of thousands of year.

R Julian Cox has written the first of a number of books on the subject, the first, Shadow on the Sun, which is presented as fiction. He is currently working on a sequel to this novel as well as working on a non fiction book detailing the dangers and history of nuclear power. Nuclear power is always going to be involved in the energy debate, but no one should be unaware of the risks involved so that at least the debate can be an informed one. We owe it to our future generations.


Is an eco-mystery suspense novel where ’fact’ and ’fiction’ have been combined into a believable story similar to those made popular by such established authors as Michael ‘Jurassic Park’ Crichton, Tom ‘The Hunt for Red October’ Clancy or Frederick ‘Day of the Jackal’ Forsyth.

Author R Julian Cox weaves his knowledge of the ecology and cutting-edge science together with religious faith and the Arthurian legend. The result is a gripping and multi layered story that tests the boundaries of both the material world and the spiritual.

It begins where a scientist and lay preacher has unwittingly become responsible for one of the biggest breakthroughs in defence technology since the Atomic Bomb ended the Second World War.

Although originally aimed at peaceful applications the concept has been redirected by a Government quick to realise its other application.

But as the project nears conclusion the scientist is beset by belated moral qualms where his religious faith confronts his science in suggesting the results may have consequences well beyond those he ever imagined.

But they come too late. The project is too far advanced.

And soon his worst fears are realised when a number of unforeseen consequences occur beginning with the disappearance of a classified US military aircraft. And a secret it was carrying must be recovered at all costs if twelve million American lives are to be saved from an impending ecological disaster of biblical proportions.

As the plot deepens a shadowy British king of legend somehow becomes entangled with the present whilst the scientist and his family become simultaneously entangled with his ancient past.

A bomb has been set ticking and they may all be the first to pay the ultimate price for the scientist’s folly.

Time is short.

And a toxic apocalypse is looming where only the Past seems capable of offering salvation to the Present.